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Here is where you will find product brochures, user manuals, and upgrades.

Upgrading using the Online Method:

To upgrade using the online method, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect your notetaker to AC power, and ensure you have an active internet connection.
  2. From the main “Program” menu, press “u” to open the “Utilities” menu.
  3. Press “u” again for “Upgrade Firmware”.
  4. When prompted, “Upgrade Online?”, press “Enter”.
  5. The notetaker checks for new firmware. If it finds it, you are prompted, “Are you sure you want to upgrade?” The default is “yes”.
  6. Press “Enter” to initiate the download and upgrade process.
  7. When the files are downloaded, the upgrade process begins. While the unit is upgrading, progress is displayed on the Braille display in the form of a percentage and progress beeps are heard. Please do not press buttons or power off the unit during the upgrade process as this may result in an incomplete installation.
  8. When the upgrade is complete, the unit reboots and places you in the main “Program” menu. Press “Space-v” (FN-v) to verify your notetaker is running firmware version 8.2 build 06/16.

Upgrading using the Offline Method:

Braille Sense U2:

Braille Sense U2 QWERTY:

Braille Sense U2 MINI:

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