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Do You use ZoomText/Window-Eyes or do you know someone who does! This is an important announcement for any user of ZoomText v10 or Window-Eyes 9.5 and above. You MUST update your Software before 26th January or it might STOP WORKING!


ZoomText Digital Certificate Issue

The digital certificate used to certify newer ZoomText and Window-Eyes software products runs out on 26th January 2017. As a result, this certificate may be revoked on or around this date which may result in start-up failures for the following Ai Squared products.

Affected Ai Squared Software Products

When attempting to start the following Ai Squared software products, the product will fail to launch and may display a Windows error message: "A referral was returned from the server.

  • ZoomText Magnifier v10.1
  • ZoomText Magnifier/Reader v10.1
  • ZoomText Fusion v10.1
  • ZoomText Keyboard v4
  • Window-Eyes v9.5


When attempting to start the following Ai Squared software products, the product may launch even though the certificate has been revoked. Anti-virus utilities may detect the invalid certificate and block the software from running.

·            ZoomText ImageReader v1.2

·            ZoomText Voices (language packs)v1.0

·            Vocalizer Expressive v1.3 (for Windows Eyes)


Note: Inspection of the certificate will show that the certificate is invalid.

Inspection and validation of certificates is a process performed by some organisations.

Warning regarding disabling of Security Options

Ai Squared strongly recommends against disabling these security options. Various websites provide steps for disabling Windows security options with the expectation that unsigned software executables will start and run. Disabling these security options will not fix these problems for the ZoomText and Windows Eyes products and may compromise security and protection from malware.

Solution (software updates)

For each of the affected products, software updates incorporating a new digital signature will be released and available for download as soon as possible at this link Certificate fix please do not wait until your software fails, please update it now, or as soon as you see an available link on the webpage if you have not already done so.

If you have any problems please contact us 03 3765072 or


Jaws 18 is available for download

The latest version of Jaws is now availalbe for download from the Freedom Scientific website.

If you have an SMA fulfilment owing please contact the office.


Magic 14 release

VFO have announced the release for Magic 14 as the end of January 2017. Proposed improvements include better compatibility for Windows 10 and Office 2013 / 2016.


ZoomText 11 release

VFO have announced the release of the next version of ZoomText, the release is expected at the end of October.

Details of both can be found in FS cast episode 132

FSCast episode 132


To find out if you have an SMA for either Magic or ZoomText, or to purchase one, give us a call 03 3765071 or email


Update your Jaws prior to the release of version 18

With Jaws 18 due for release before the end of the year now is a great time to take advantage of our reduced pricing to upgrade your Jaws and add an SMA. We are offering up to 30% off your purchase when you add an SMA to your upgrade to version 17.

Give us a call for pricing for your Jaws update, you will need your Jaws serial number handy.

The special pricing is subject to some conditions so give us a call for more information.

This special will end on Friday, October 21st, so call us now on 03 376 5071




Magic v13 update:

“The key important feature of this release is fixes to ensure compatibility with changes made in the Windows 10 operating system in their upcoming update. While the Windows release is scheduled for this summer (winter in NZ) , it is important that users install this MAGic update prior to the Windows update to ensure that after the update, the MAGic magnification program remains fully functional.”

Please ensure you update your Magic to the latest build 13.1.1198 prior to the update of W10.




Ruby 7 is coming soon




If you are a Jaws or Magic user information on updating your computer to Windows 10 can be found by following this link:




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