Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

Common Questions
How do I contact you?
You can call us on 03 3765071
 or email us: office@pvi.co

Jaws, Magic and OpenBook
Which release of Jaws am I entitled to?
Get your Jaws serial number by going to Help, About Jaws.
Then contact us and we can tell you which version you are allowed!

Can I receive my software electronically?
Yes: We can email the software to you with an online user manual.

Can I receive my software upgrades electronically?
Yes however we must have your current email address in our data base. To update your details you can email us at  office@pvi.co  We will require your name and your software serial number for security reasons.

What is a Freedom Scientific Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)?
This is the most economical way to keep current with the latest versions of Freedom Scientific software Magic and Jaws. SMA holders receive two consecutive upgrades at up to 50 percent off the regular upgrade price. You have the option to download the upgrade directly from the Freedom Scientific Web site.

I have a new laptop or desktop computer, can I reinstall my Jaws?
Each Jaws licence comes with three 'lives' meaning you can install your Jaws (or Magic, or OpenBook) onto your new laptop or desktop, once you have used your three lives or installations, you can go to the Freedom Scientific website to request the number of activations be reset. Fill in the details and submit the form, generally the reactivation takes one working day.

Click here to reactivate your software 


Please remember that Freedom Scientific are based in Florida so there is a significant time difference.

Do I need Jaws professional, or home?
The version of Jaws you need depends on where you use your Jaws licence. If you use your Jaws for work you will need the professional edition, if you only use Jaws at home you are OK with the home editiion. Please call us to clarify.

If you are installing Jaws from a DVD you do not need to know if your laptop or desktop is 64-bit, or 32-bit, but if you installing Jaws via download you need to select the correct version.

To find out whether you are using a 64-bit, or 32-bit machine, go to control panel, then System, the information will be there.

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